Viral video shows bad driver crashing into motorbike | Travel News | Travel

Viral video shows bad driver crashing into motorbike | Travel News | Travel

A viral video has captured the heart-stopping moment a man is knocked from his motorbike.

Filmed on a busy road, a stream of cars can be seen turning when the light is red, attempting to get across the three lanes of traffic.

The driver is speeding cross the road when suddenly a motorbike rider comes out of nowhere.

Despite the light being red, he speeds forwards on the road which is when the accident occurs.

What happens next is hard to be believed.

The car driver then slams into him, throwing the bike forward on the bonnet.

Shockingly, the man on the bike goes flying and somersaults in the air.

He slides across the tarmac on his back and quickly stands up whilst the car comes to a halt.

Somehow, the man is unhurt and walks off in a nonchalant manner as if nothing has happened.

Leaving the bike behind, he appears unscathed as the other cars continue to drive.

The Imgur video has had over 138,000 views so far, shocking online users.

One asked: “Is this guy in shock with lots of injuries and just getting to safety on adrenaline alone?”

Others joked about his remarkable recovery: “That is what it means to be positive in life.”

Yet it is questionable over who is in the wrong; despite the red light, a green can also be seen.

Someone asked: “Please correct me if I’m not seeing it properly but it looks like there are two lights; one red, the other green.”

Many couldn’t work out if the bike rider was meant to be going forward or should have been turning off.

Bad drivers are often caught on CCTV or dashcams performing illegal manoeuvres.

One car decided to stop in the middle of a busy highway because they missed the exit.

This then caused a lorry behind to dangerously swerve to avoid them before crashing on its side.

This doesn’t deter the bad driver who attempts to still turn off the junction.

Another lorry is then forced to quickly brake, jack-knifing in the middle of the road.

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