Lapland’s changing seasons by drone – in pictures | Art and design

Between the late 19th century and 1980, Kotisaari Island was a meeting point for the lumberjacks of Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. Now a tourist attraction, it can be reached by a daily boat and one of the lumberjack buildings has been turned into a tavern. In 2015, local nature photographer Jani Ylinampa took an aerial photograph of the island using a drone, and when the photo went viral on social media he decided to document the island’s changing seasons. “The seasonal changes in Lapland are drastic and this little island is the perfect way to display them,” says Ylinampa, who also works as a tourist guide. Just four miles south of the Arctic Circle, the island ranges from an average temperature of -8.2C in January to 19.7C in July, presenting a challenge for the photographer. “Especially in winter, I need the weather to be dry so the propellers don’t freeze.”

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