How To Heal Your Hair After Bleaching With Hair Oils

How To Heal Your Hair After Bleaching With Hair Oils

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It took me seven months to touch up my unnaturally blonde hair. Despite my horrifically grown-out roots, I had been avoiding the appointment because I was stressed about the damage bleach invariably unleashes on my hair—the dryness, the frizz, the noticeable breakage, the dullness. I know, I know: I could have avoided some of those problems by being more conscientious about conditioning and using moisturizing, protective products (especially before heat-styling). Well, lesson learned. And I’m not messing around, anymore.

In addition to two to three weekly masks, I’ve started using a hair oil on a daily basis, and this emphasis on moisture has yielded tons of benefits. Hair oil hydrates the hair shaft, making it less susceptible to breakage. Dry, brittle hair is more likely to split and snap. Many hair oils are also made with ingredients like coconut and avocado that nourish the hair shaft, making your hair stronger in the long run. Then, of course, there’s the vanity aspect of it. Oil smooths down the surface of the hair, quickly getting rid of frizz and making my hair overall appear shinier, instantly. 

And if you’re low-maintenance about your hair, know that an oil can go on wet or dry. When my hair is wet, I work the oil through my hair with my hands, then let it air dry into supple waves on its own. When my hair is dry, I rub a little on the ends for extra moisture, or use a dab to tame fly-aways. Talk about versatile. 

A hair oil has taken me from fearing my next dye job to feeling much more in control of my hair (post-color and all). It’s a daily go-to now, so much that I have four in my regular rotation. Keep scrolling to find out why I’m trusting each to keep my hair longer, stronger, and healthier. 

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