CEO wants to have meeting with 2 men arrested in Philadelphia Starbucks Video

CEO wants to have meeting with 2 men arrested in Philadelphia Starbucks Video

Transcript for CEO wants to meet with 2 men arrested in Philadelphia Starbucks

and starbuckser fire after an incident at a Starbucks Philadelphia. Rican-ameran men who asked to use the bathroom, then sat down when they were refused, later handcuffed and taken away by police.tonight he, the video sparking the firestorm, and Starbuck CEO now apologizing. He told ABC news. ABC’s ey Davis in Philadelphia. Reporter: Protests shut down this Starbucks in Philadelphia today. The outrage comes aft this viralideo ofwo black men, escorted of the Starbucks in cuffs. What did they do? At did thedo? Wh they did. They didn’t do anything. I saw the entireng. Reporteolice say E men were sitting at a table, but had not made a purchase when ask to leave,hey refused. That’s when the manager called 911, repng the incent as man says they weral estate agents who were just waiting to meet with him. Tid they get called for? Because there are two black guys sittinre meeting me? I sat in there for anhour, no one asked me to order anything or leave. Reporter: The pe mmissionerays his officers did nothing wrong. Tifferent wnings to Lee suggest that there wasn’t a rush to judgment. Tonight, Starbucks manager no longer on job. The CEO of the Starbucks is calling the incident reprehensible. There’s tra to be done. What happened to those two gentlemen was wrong. Reporr: The CEO of Starbucks expressed that it was imant to sit down with both face to face to apologize.

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