Artist uses Greggs sausage roll to draw stunning portrait of Jesus

Artist uses Greggs sausage roll to draw stunning portrait of Jesus

Simon Richards, the chief executive of right-wing pressure group The Freedom Association, ought to look away now.

An artist has captured Jesus’ holy image using a Greggs sausage roll as a paintbrush and a squeeze or two of tomato ketchup in lieu of paint. The piece is impressive enough.

Nathan Wyburn, a 28-year-old from Wales who once appeared on Britain’s Got Talent , is clearly latching on to the saga that is Sausage Roll Jesus.

Greggs x God

And who can blame him? Last week, Greggs was more in vogue than ever after being lambasted by a smattering of heavy-duty Christians for replacing the baby Jesus with one of its pork-based pastries in a classic nativity scene. Most weren’t offended, of course, but it was a topic of debate all the same.

Nathan, much like Mirror columnist Brian Reade, notes that sausage roll spelled backwards is ‘susedj rol,’ and couldn’t help but replicate the son of God’s image by way of a Greggs bake.

“I just couldn’t help myself – especially when I found out that Lord Jesus backwards sounds like sausage roll,” Nathan told Wales Online.

Jesus may not have eaten pork, because he was Jewish

“It’s just great humour on behalf of Greggs and I think it’s genius marketing. It’s a shame everyone is so quick to get offended in this day and age – just have a little humour.

“I try to convey that in a lot of my works and this certainly was an interesting one to make. I’ve never painted using a sausage roll instead of a paint brush before, it was quite fun. And of course I had to eat it afterwards.”

Nathan is known for his unusual artwork. In 2011, he stunned Britain with a portrait of Michael McIntyre using Marmite. More recently, he appeared on This Morning with a picture of hosts Holly Wolloughby and Philip Schofield he created by putting lipstick on and kissing a piece of paper.

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