A look at the 25-foot hole where boy fell into sewage pipe Video

A look at the 25-foot hole where boy fell into sewage pipe Video

Transcript for A look at the 25-foot hole where boy fell into sewage pipe

And we begin with that miraculous rescue from a vast underground drainage system. 13-year-old Jesse Hernandez plunging 25 feet into fast-moving sewage. Crews spending 13 hours searching in the dark, sending cameras down to look for him. Finally, one of those cameras, more than a half mile from where he went missing, they saw a clue and zeroed in. Tonight, Jesse’s family and his rescuers on that toxic environment that could have taken the little boy’s life. ABC’s whit Johnson is on the scene in Los Angeles. Reporter: Tonight, the first look up close at the 25-foot hole where a boy plunged into a terrifying ordeal. 13-year-old Jesse Hernandez, out celebrating Easter at a park with his family, when he wandered off with friends into a restricted area and onto a maintenance vent. In seconds, he was gone. Nobody could find him, nobody could hear him, nobody could see him. Reporter: The boy trapped in the dark in a four-foot wide pipe like this one. A current of raw sewage moving at 15 miles per hour, snaking under the city of Los Angeles. After that fall, Hernandez somehow traveling more than half a mile down a slippery, toxic tunnel. Above ground, a desperate race against time. We did not give up, but I’ll be honest, we did not think we’d find a viable patient. Reporter: Crews lowering special floating cameras into sewer hatches. Then a clue. One of the cameras saw some handprints on the sewer, in the sewer. Reporter: Inside the pipe? Yeah. Reporter: Little Jesse’s family, waiting all night for word. Finally, after nearly 13 hours, a miracle discovery at dawn. Inside that pipe, Jesse moving toward a small beam of light from above. The crews loosened that maintenance hole, opened it up, and the first thing they hear is, “Help.” Reporter: They could hear the boy asking for help? Help. The department of sanitation handed him a cell phone to call his parents, and you could just imagine the relief that they had felt from hearing their son’s voice. Reporter: Jesse, decontaminated on the scene and taken to a local hospital. What started as a family’s Easter nightmare, now a remarkable story of survival. Word got back to this command post. I’ve never seen so much big, burly man hold back tears and hug each other. So incredible how they found him. And whit joins us now from the site where Jesse fell down that hole. Whit, I understand you have an update on his condition, and it looks like they are trying to secure that area just behind you where he fell in? Reporter: Tom, that’s right. Crews have been adding a second layer of fencing, doing work uptop, bolting shut that hole that Jesse Hernandez fell down. We are also learning tonight that Jesse is out of the hospital and back home with his family.

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